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Geopower Electrical Engineering

From power generation and distribution services to energy conservation, life safety and security, a building’s electrical systems are critical to its successful day-to-day operation and maintenance. And whether it’s mission critical equipment or normal daily functionality, such as light switches, wall outlets and office lighting, our team of electrical engineers and designers ensure efficient, state-of-the-art electrical systems in every project we take on.



Your entire facility depends on your wiring. None of your outlets, light switches, or any appliances or devices can function without proper electrical wiring.We guarantee that your wiring will be up to standards after we’ve worked with it.



We offer a comprehensive service that repairs existing wiring and installs brand new features. ... Wiring Lights (including fixtures, dimmers, switches), Ceiling Fan Wiring,Whole House Wiring and many more


Electrical Contracting

We have become one of the foremost contracting companies by executing diverse and varied electrical projects. We have a team of efficient manpower working to get to your electrical job done perfectly


Geopower Electrical was established in Ghana as an engineering firm. Since its inception, it has grown from a one-man consulting business to the forefront of the electrical engineering field. We have worked in collaboration and with a number of companies in the area of Project Concept, Design and Construction.

The main responsibilities of our firm would be to inspect systems, study the technical data provided by the manufacturers, maintain records and take precautionary and preventive measures for safety and optimal performance of your POWER.

We are dedicated to consistent quality, reliable service, competitive pricing and complete customer satisfaction. We recognize the importance of assisting our customers in achieving success in the global marketplace.


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Geopower Electrical Engineering 



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